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Here’s what you’ll find inside the album.

  • Affirmations for Pregnancy
  • Guided Prenatal Relaxation
  • Affirmations for Birth 
  • Guided Visualization for a Satisfying Birth
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Purchase the Pregnancy Relaxation Album Now

This album will ease away tension, lift your spirits, and help you to celebrate the work of growing a baby.  

After years of leading guided relaxations in my prenatal yoga classes, many of my students asked for a version they could listen to at home. Those heartfelt requests lead me to create this guided relaxation album.

The album is designed to help you create more peace and ease during your pregnancy. The tracks are like a lullaby to your nervous system – allowing you to replace stress and overwhelm with wellbeing. And really – who doesn’t need a bit more relaxation in their life?

Listen now to learn how and why it works so powerfully to change your state of being.  

Purchase the Pregnancy Relaxation Album Now

“These are the perfect guided hypnosis/ meditation tracks for pregnancy and birth. I wish I had this album for my first birth. I have found listening to the pregnancy affirmations and relaxation has made me more confident and provided great moments of relaxation this pregnancy. I can’t wait to use the birth tracks when my little one comes. Marie’s voice is so soothing that I often fall asleep to it!”  

Jenelle, mom to Callen

But maybe the word meditation makes you feel like this will be too hard or too weird...

Just think of it as a guided imagery or day-dreaming with a mentor.

We all innately know how to daydream – it’s just that sometimes those daydreams can spiral into worry and even doom and gloom scenarios.  

A guided relaxation allows your mind to focus on the good stuff!  

The more we can dial down stress and worry, and increase wellbeing, the more resilience we have to deal with the rest of what life throws our way.


 Plus as a digital album, you’ll be able to listen right away, easily on your phone, tablet, or laptop, and access it anytime you are ready to clear your mind, open your heart, and feel good.


“I found that listening to Marie’s prenatal relaxation CD was a wonderful way to end my day. It definitely helped me to sleep better, especially toward the end of my pregnancy when sleeping became more difficult. I also found that it helped to relieve a lot of my anxiety around labour and delivery.”

Nicole, mom to Emma 

“I love these relaxations. The birth visualization totally helped me with labour. Plus now I love that I can listen to the relaxation for new moms even if I only have a few minutes when baby napping, and it always helps me feel better.”  

Kimberly, mom to Cullen

“I used the album for relaxation as often as I could. I found it helpful to have a quiet time each afternoon and often listened to it during those times. I am a very worrisome person and being pregnant gave me many reasons to worry. Using the album during my quiet times allowed me to relax and focus on what was really important, my baby. I didn’t bring the album to the hospital but it will definitely be packed in my hospital bag the next time.”  

Melissa, mom to Sommer