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Pregnancy. It’s both joyful and overwhelming, exciting and nerve-racking. With the Roadmap to a Peaceful Pregnancy, you’ll learn to effectively release worry and let your wellbeing soar.  

“When I was first expecting my baby, I was terrified. LIKE PETRIFIED!!!! Worried about everything. Marie helped me to relieve so much of my anxiety. I am so thankful for meeting her on my journey.”  

Elisha Guest, Professional Photographer

“We're now settling into life as a family of three and it was so helpful to have Marie's weekly compassion and love to help us on our very incredible journey. Marie has a very fun but calming and beautiful presence that I'm sure influences everyone around her. Thank you!”  

Deirdre O’Donohoe, Geologist

“When I'm starting to get frustrated or feel a bit of anxiety coming on, I relax myself and kind of go inward and then all of the sudden I realize that a large amount of time has gone by and that I'm feeling better. I'm so glad I learned from Marie.” 

Jazsmin Earl, Navy Wife

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